On December 18, LIghtwork was able to hand out 375 pillows and 300 purses filled with a scarf and light snacks to individuals who find Skid Row in Los Angeles, California to be their home. Los Angeles' Skid Row has a homeless population of 8 to 11,000 people who struggle to find a comfortable place to rest their heads.

Holiday Light was a two part event. Gift wrapped purses were filled with a scarf and light snacks were handed out to the women on Skid Row, along with a pillow. After the delivery of the purses, a pillow filled U-Haul drove along Skid Row and light was sparked!


Providing an article for comfort and a home to nurture dreams


A special gift that empowers our women to embrace their femininity and holds everyday essentials


To help keep warm during the winter season and cold nights

Granola Bars

Light and classic pick-me up snack

In the span of a month, Lightwork received 12 monetary donations amounting to $1,510. Additionally, Lightwork received an overwhelming amount of item donations from pillows, purses, scarves, to granola bars.

There's really no words that can describe how beautiful and amazing 'Holiday Light' was. Sparking light within ourselves and within others. It was a dream and we as community made it happen! Over 300 individuals will be resting their heads on a fresh pillow. Women will be opening up presents with a purse, a warm scarf, and granola bars for their tummy. But what was effortless and priceless and the true meaning behind all of this were the SMILES that were shining.

All we need is two seconds of love, those two seconds can change someone's day or even life. THANK YOU!

375/200 PILLOWS

300/200 PURSES 


"Ask for one and He will multiply."

THANK YOU to Kevin Poli, Brandon Savellano, Stix, and Ulises Toledo