Lightwork's first project focused on 300 beautiful women in need in the city of Los Angeles. At least 50% of the homeless population in the city of Los Angeles are women fleeing domestic violence.

These bags were filled with everyday essentials including:

Beanie and socks

To warm up the beautiful mind and toes for the upcoming winter season

Feminine Care

Providing an essential to female health and to close the gap on an often overlooked need

Banana and apple

Every year the U.S. throws away one-third of the food it produces. Let's not waste it and let's give it to our women! Wholesale produce markets sell fruit that is at prime ripeness (i.e. too ripe to sell to a grocery store) at discount rates to avoid them going to waste. Fruits were collected from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market the night before the event

PB&J Sandwich

Classic sustenance for the day

Reusable Water Bottle

Reduce plastic pollution while providing hydration to our women with a reusable water bottle. In LA alone, roughly 10 metric tons of plastic are carried into the Pacific Ocean every single day. One reusable water bottle can replace hundreds of single-uses --imagine the environmental impact we can make with one small switch!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

A healthy smile goes a long way-- much of our overall health is affected by our oral health. Let's help brighten up those smiles!

Love letter

Words hold magic! Kinds words go a long way. Each bag included a love letter with a variety of kind words such as, "YOU ARE AMAZING!"

Drawstring Backpack

A bag carries everything from your essentials to your hopes and dreams

In the span of a month, Lightwork received 72 donations amounting to $2,740. From kind words, helpful hands, to donations 300 women were loved. 

Something that started as an idea came into fruition through all your individual help and support. We came together and sparked light in 300 women, in those who watched, and in ourselves. I want to say thank you. This is just the beginning. LET THERE BE LIGHT! 

Thank you to Kevin Poli, Daniel Sagun, Jack Strutz, Stix, and Victor Viega