Providing diapers and baby formula to abandoned newborns in the Philippines. 

Let's give back to our roots!! Lightwork is bringing the love and light back home to the Philippines! 


A country with a history steeped in inquisition and hardship there are 12M people who live in extreme poverty. Despite this, it is home to the most loving, caring, and hospitable individuals you can meet. The Philippines is a country that perpetuates the light of giving by embodying the idea that "no matter how much you have, you always have enough to give."


The Balikbayan Box is an important tie between the Filipino diaspora and their roots. Literally translated to ‘going back to country’, Filipino-Americans going home fill balikbayan boxes with necessary goods such as preserved foods, clothing, medicine, and so on, to share their wealth with family, friends, and those in need. This box has come to embody humility, giving, hospitality, and providence, further solidifying the Filipino culture of giving back.

Join us in this opportunity

to shine in the Philippines!


a home for angels


Meet ‘A Home for Angels’ — a foundation located in Metro Manila servicing new born babies that are found in the streets, trash, or left by their families. The abandoned newborns are legalized, given an identity, and cared for until they are ready for adoption (typically at the age of 2-4). Lightwork is honored to work with such an important and beautiful foundation for our upcoming project: Light Balikbayan. 



Lightwork will be collecting pampers and formula, essential items to support infants that are cared for at 'A Home for Angels'. Our GOAL is to fill up TWO balikbayan boxes. Item donations are encouraged! Boxes will close APRIL 10th!


An essential for infant comfort and care


Providing nutrition

All other item donations are welcomed!


                                                                                                                                                                                                *** Costco based pricing

                                                                                                                                                                                               *** Costco based pricing

Super excited and happy to invite you all to shine your light with Lightwork in the Phillippines! A big part of who I am is my culture, heritage, roots— my family. I was immersed in a way of life that embodied the capacity of love and giving no matter the circumstance. Whether they are blood, a stranger, or a foe we treat everyone with kindness and grace as if they are family. Lightwork is bringing it back to the roots this April!

                                                                       Love and light to you all,