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Providing aid to those effected by Hurricane Irma


Lightwork is joining Paulina in raising funds and awareness to the WOMEN of Brooklyn. Our goal is to fill 111 bags with essential items, from a toothrbush to a love letter these items are aimed to empower these women who reside in the 85 Lexington Avenue Women's Shelter. The link above is a direct link to Paulina's GoFundMe page. Additionally, Lightwork will have a donation option on the donations page which will directly go to the 'Light in Brooklyn' efforts.


The Notorious B.I.G



85 Lexington avenue

womens shelter

Lightwork is collaborating with the 85 Lexington Avenue Women's Shelter in Brooklyn. The shelter provides innovative and holistic services and programs to help each individual and their needs. The shelter's mission is 'Helping people reclaim lives lost: We restore hope and dignity by offering opportunities for health and self-sufficiency.' CLICK HERE to learn more about 85 Lexington Avenue Women's Shelter.